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Tips for Marketing your Business Online (on a Budget)

New Year's Resolutions - for your Website

Every year as the lighted ball drops in Times Square, we make all sorts of promises. We’re going to read more, exercise more, eat better, be more relaxed, etc. While you’re at it, why not expand that self-examination to your online marketing and sales? The first place to start is probably your website. This is, after all, the first impression a lot of people get of you and your business. Your website should be at least as helpful to customers as a physical store, if not more interactive.

With that in mind, here’s a checklist for your basic website annual review:

• Does your website have a clear and obvious purpose, such as selling or educating?

Does it have the basics? These include:

o A simple statement of about you/what you do on the front page
o A photo gallery of products and/or calendar of events
o An easy way to contact you
o A blog/news section (optional)
o An incentive for visitors to return
o A means to collect email addresses.

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• Do you own your domain name, and does it show up in internet searches?

• Can you easily update your webpage?

• Do you update your site on a regular basis, making it easier for search engines to find you?

• Is your webpage user-friendly?

Check on the following:

o Does it load slowly?
o Is it cluttered?
o Does it have unusual colors or hard-to-read fonts?
o Is it clear what you are offering and how to get it?
o Does your site look good on various browsers, tablets and smartphones?
o Is it easy to use the contact form?
o Are you sure that your contact form is working? When is the last time you tested it?

• Does the site sell your products directly or lead easily (think, one click) to somewhere that does?

• Does your webpage collect email address from current and potential customers?

For the final step (and one where you don’t have to do any work) – have someone take your website out for a test drive. Ask them how quickly they can look up products, send a message, sign up for emails, place an order and just generally poke around. If you hear them sigh or groan, find out why, and fix it.

With that, I wish you the very best in the coming year. I look forward to working with you to continually improve your internet marketing with customized websites and innovative ways to bring customers to you!

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