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Owning Your Domain: Why Your Website Needs Its Own Home

Hey there, website wonders! You know I love creating beautiful, functional websites that showcase your awesomeness online. I work with clients regularly who ask me to “handle everything” for their website. That includes things like picking out the perfect design, choosing the right hosting, and even registering their domain name. And while I’m happy to help with almost all of that, there’s one thing I always insist on: you, the client, should always own your own domain name.

Think of it like this: your website is your house online, and your domain name is the address. Now, you might hire a contractor to build your house, and you might even rent a storage unit for your furniture while it’s being built. But at the end of the day, the house belongs to you, and you have the keys to do whatever you want with it.

Your website is your valuable property online, and your domain name is the deed. Imagine entrusting someone, like a contractor, to build your dream house on a piece of land they actually own. While they might do a fantastic job, ultimately, they hold the keys and control over that land. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

The same goes for your website. When you are the owner of your domain name, you can switch web hosts (the storage unit) as often as you like, or even completely change the design (redecorate) – but you should always own the domain name/the address. Most don’t realize it’s the most important part, but it truly is!

Here’s why:

  • Control: Owning your domain name is like holding the deed to your online property. You’re the architect and owner of your digital space, free to build, update, and manage it as you see fit. You choose the web host (the neighborhood you want to live in), the design (the architectural style), and ultimately, the fate of your website.
  • Flexibility: Let’s say you decide to switch web designers down the line. If you own your domain name, it’s easy to transfer it to the new designer. No need to start from scratch (and possibly with a new address ☹️!).
  • Branding: Your domain name is your brand identity online. It’s what people will remember when they visit your website. Owning your own name gives you the freedom to build a strong brand without relying on someone else’s property (like social media sites).
  • Future-proofing: Here’s a scenario – let’s say your web designer, the “contractor,” suddenly becomes unreachable. Maybe they closed shop or went MIA (sadly, it does happen). That leaves you in a tricky situation. You’ve built your whole online presence on that land (domain name) you don’t truly own. Accessing your website, making changes, or even selling it becomes a hassle you didn’t bargain for.

Or picture this: your enthusiastic intern (bless their heart) offered to handle the domain registration. Fantastic! Except, interns move on, forget passwords, and life happens. Suddenly, you realize your domain name might even expire, leaving your website inaccessible or worse, vulnerable to someone else snapping it up.

Don’t let your website’s address be a gamble. Invest in your online presence by owning your domain name. It’s a small step with significant long-term benefits, giving you peace of mind, control, and the freedom to truly own your corner of the internet.

P.S. If you’re still not sure, just ask me! I’m happy to answer any questions you have about domain names, why owning your own is the best way to go, and how to go about doing so.

Bonus Tip: Not all domain names are created equal. Choose a name that’s easy to remember, relevant to your brand, and ideally has a .com extension.

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