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Tips for Marketing your Business Online (on a Budget)

Three Ways to Stretch Your Social Media Outreach for Free

Some marketers tend to simply focus on investing more money into their social media outreach, but it isn’t always necessary to spend more just to get more engagement with your customers, especially online. Companies who make smart use of simple social media techniques can get greater outreach for less. Within your own small business, you can make social media a more profitable marketing approach, rather than just another money drain. Here are three examples of how to do so.

Stay Relevant

The first thing you’ll want to do is to make sure you have a profile established on all the top-performing social media profiles your target market invests significant time in. Don’t simply create profiles on every single social media platform there is, but specifically choose social media platforms you know your ideal audience spends the most time on. Essentially, you’re going to want to spread your brand across the most relevant platforms without spreading yourself thin in the process. Capitalizing on the most effective social media platforms will save you an immense amount of time and energy that would otherwise be wasted in places that aren’t your target market.

Stay Connected

Make sure all the best elements of the social media profiles you create have been optimized. The profile picture you use should immediately convey exactly what your brand is, even if it isn’t simply the name of the brand itself. Make this uniform across all your channels. Ensure the names of the social media profiles you establish are easily remembered and clearly define exactly what it is you are, and what it is your business does. Even the custom URL of your social media profiles should immediately reflect the nature of your company and what it has to offer. Make sure all the pages are updated with the most recent contact information, links to your landing pages, and links to your brand’s other social media profiles.

Stay Shareable
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If you want to expand your reach to the maximum degree, you’re going to want to inspire your target audience to create the majority of your outreach momentum for you. Instead of just focusing on creating original content, curate valuable content that you know your target audience is going to want to share. Be sure you also share other relevant posts in your industry and stay on top of news and ideas that are changing how you do things in your business. You will be seen as more of an authority when you create current content and stay on top of relevant topics.

Getting the most out of your company’s social media experience is all about how you utilize your time and efforts. Stay on top of news and new topics that you might be able to use in your social media and be sure to engage with your audience. Building your online following can take some time, but once you have one, you’ll be set up for a long time.

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