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Strategies to Strengthen Your Brand

paper with notes about branding written on itIn some ways, your brand is almost more important than your products and services. It’s how you guarantee that your business stays memorable to your customer or client.

One should always consider if a slump in sales might be from one or more brand-related problems. To check, and possibly  jump-start your brand, consider the following:

Is everything brand-related consistent?

People become easily confused when a business uses different colors, logos and messages to represent its brand. A memorable brand is one that has a solid brand identity made up of a logo, color set and primary message and tone. Once you have settled on your overarching theme, make sure to use these elements in a uniform manner on everything from employee clothing and gift cards to shelf “talkers” (tags) and billboards.

Who is tracking your Brand’s Social Media Engagement?

Interacting regularly with people on social media increases your chances of reaching a broader audience through tags, searches and sharing. And, of course, people are much more likely to remember a business that interacts with them on social media. You should get in the habit of regularly checking all of your social media accounts for branding consistency and to make sure that you are responding to any and all engagements there. If you have old, social accounts that you are no longer using – it is probably better to delete them, if possible, rather than leave them out there – potentially confusing a current prospective customer or client. It’s not a bad idea to regularly run a Google/Bing/Yahoo search on your business name and see if any old information or dated branding is still out there, and do what you can to correct it.

How accessible is your Branded Content?

Many business owners fail to realize that some people can’t appreciate content that’s only presented in traditional text and video formats. For example, the hearing-impaired and foreign speakers might need supplemental materials. Update your videos with captions and subtitles and offer transcripts in your language and common foreign languages – this can easily be done through any number of online programs (Google Bard or Microsoft Bing), or on most social platforms themselves (YouTube).

How is your Brand’s Word-of-Mouth?

Create positive word-of-mouth advertising by following up with customers after sales, addressing feedback and complaints in meaningful ways, and offering customers exclusive deals and discounts. Consider handing out branded merchandise to people at events or as gifts to employees, partners and clients. 

Increasing brand recognition improves sales and leads. By making it easier for the public to recognize and remember your brand, you lay the groundwork for your business’s future success.

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